Highlight Your Trees' Natural Beauty

Tree trimming services in Indianapolis, IN help you beautify your yard

Trees make up a major part of any yard's landscaping. If yours are overgrown or messy, they can easily distract from an otherwise beautiful lawn. Don't neglect tree trimming services-rely on Del Tree Service to keep up with your tree trimming and pruning needs. We are fully licensed and insured, and we've been helping residents of Indianapolis, IN keep their yards neat and pristine for years.

You deserve to enjoy your trees. Contact us today to schedule tree pruning services. We also help utility companies by removing branches close to power lines.

What happens when you hire us for tree trimming or pruning work?

What happens when you hire us for tree trimming or pruning work?

Some people try to complete tree trimming services by themselves, but there is a big difference between hiring a professional company and attempting a DIY job. When you choose us for tree pruning services, we’ll:

  • Evaluate your property to determine what needs to be done
  • Put together a plan of action and give you a free estimate
  • Prune back unsightly or diseased parts of trees
  • Remove heavy hanging branches that are in danger of falling
  • Clean up the work site and haul away any large branches or debris

You’re busy enough already—let us take a chore off your plate. Call today for a free tree trimming or pruning estimate.