Dead Stumps Are Hazardous and Unsightly

Eliminate the problem with stump grinding service in Indianapolis, IN

No one wants a lawn full of dead tree stumps. They are difficult to landscape around, and they often make a yard look untidy. If you've got a stump problem you're not sure how to solve, turn to Del Tree Service for stump grinding services in the Indianapolis, IN area. We're your local stump removal experts.

Not only will we perform professional stump grinding services, but we'll also haul away the sawdust and mulch created by the process. Once we've finished, it will be as though those pesky stumps were never there.

3 benefits of stump removal services

3 benefits of stump removal services

Have you been considering hiring a tree company for stump removal services? There are many benefits to be gained from finally getting rid of dead stumps. You can:

  1. Stop tripping over hard-to-notice stumps
  2. Improve the appearance of your building’s exterior
  3. Remove potential habitats for pests

Don’t put it off another day—contact us today to schedule a complementary stump grinding estimate.