Your Land Has Great Potential

Discover it by arranging for land clearing services in Indianapolis, IN

If you've recently purchased a plot of land to develop, you may be wondering what the best first step to take is. Or maybe you've owned land for a while now and are finally ready to clear it out. Land clearing is a difficult, tedious and time-consuming job. Don't waste your time struggling to complete brush removal work yourself. Instead, call Del Tree Service.

We've been helping clear land in the Indianapolis, IN area for years. Call today for a free land clearing estimate.

Discover the right land clearing services for you

Discover the right land clearing services for you

There’s a lot that goes into land clearing work. When you hire Del Tree Service for brush removal services in Indianapolis, IN, we will:

  • Remove trees
  • Grind stumps
  • Prune back plants
  • Haul off brush
  • Tidy up the work site

We’re an experienced, licensed and fully insured tree company. Once we’re done clearing the land, we’ll haul away branches and debris for you. Contact us today to get your project started.